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Company audit

Why company audit ?

Unlike the accounting audit which is mandatory by law for many companies in the Czech Republic (depending on the legal form of a company, net turnover, total balance sheet and number of employees), the company audit is not required, nor defined, by law. Anyhow, the company audit is not less important than the accounting audit.

The accounting audit tells whether the accounting of a company is or is not in accordance with accounting standards, the company audit answers to fundamental business questions (Can the costs be reduced? How it is possible to increase productivity? What are the risks of existing business relations? etc.), and shows the possibilities of further development of the company.

Company audit is carried out not only to determine the causes of the company troubles but it is necessary in cases when the company is sold, enters into liquidation, or there are made crucial decisions in the company management.

The company audit is mainly a summary of:
the contracting audit consisting of assessment of existing contracts or intended new
contracts in terms of risks and profitability for the company, preparation of contractual
clauses according to client requirements
the HR audit consisting of rationalization and optimization of employees state and their
legal status within the company
the audit of receivables and liabilities consisting of purposeful actions to achieve
the optimal profitability of a client's business relationships
the causal audit consisting of lawsuits analysis and proposal of further actions
the audit of technological equipment and software analysis consisting of comparison
of existing state with the state necessary to achieve current economic results of the

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