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Insolvency consultancy

There was filed the insolvency petition against You, and You are threatened by the bankruptcy ?

We can help You with an efficient defense against creditors in this situation. We have the experience how to defend against bully proposals and actions.

If Your company meets the conditions of bankruptcy, i.e. is insolvent or overindebted, we will evaluate the situation and suggest further procedure. The insolvency petition might not always end up with the bankruptcy declaration! There exists the possibility of introduction of a moratorium, as well as the court might allow the reorganization of Your company instead of the bankruptcy. It all depends on individual conditions of the company, it is not possible to generalize.

Are You a creditor and You do not know how to proceed against the bankrupt ?

The current Insolvency Law (which replaced the Act on Bankruptcy and Settlement) does not give the creditor, without legal knowledge, effective chance to succeed. As an example, we present the application of the receivable which is sophisticated (it is not possible to formulate requirements arbitrarily), and if you make a mistake in the monetary amount, you can very quickly become a debtor instead of creditor. Yes, even this is possible according to actual legislation.

We are ready to take over the agenda associated with the position of the insolvency creditors, to draw up the necessary documents, and to represent You in insolvency proceedings at the same time. We can also recommend You a bankruptcy administrator, since the insolvency creditors may change the person of bankruptcy administrator.

If you are in the position of the insolvency creditor, do not delay with contacting us. Insolvency law established clear deadlines, and if You fail to comply with them, You will lose everything.

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