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Real estate consultancy

The purchase or sale of a real estate is for most people the greatest monetary transaction in their life. Everyone understands that with such action it is necessary to proceed with caution.

A reputable real estate agency must guarantee to the client that his whole life savings will not come in vain. This means in practice, for example, that the deposition of the purchase price, when buying a real estate, should be done by a notary, and not in real estate office, as it is commonly done. The client may not receive the purchase contract on the day of its signing but with sufficient time for its review, etc.

Our company offers and ensures the complete service in relation to your real estate, here are the most common services:

Checking of the real estate – is finding of legal and factual defects of the real estate. Legal defects are the defects which burden and devaluate the real estate, and these are usually heavily traceable. Legal defects include, for example, easement, right of lien, tenancy, and other. Factual defects are specific tangible disorders of the real estate, such as poor statics, broken wiring, leaking and other.

Ensurance of expert's report and market estimate – it is indispensable when transferring a real estate.

Mediation of the real estate transfer – whether it is a house, an apartment, land, commercial premises, or other type of real estate, there is always given a precise timetable: personal contact with the client, examination of the real estate, financing solutions, discussing the contracting documentation, conclusion of the contract, registration in the land register, payment of the price and hand over of the real estate, compliance with tax obligations.

Drafting contractual documents – a competent lawyer draw up necessary contract, always individually, with regard to the requirements of contracting parties. We do not limit only to the purchase contracts (also known as the contracts on the transfer of real estate) but normally we prepare future agreements, lease and sublease agreements, contracts on the transfer of membership rights in the housing cooperative (at transfers of cooperative apartments), donation agreements, easement contracts, pledge agreements, exchange agreements, contracts relating to matrimonial property, contracts regarding the real estates owned by the entrepreneur, and other on demand of the client.

Drawing up of a proposal for entry in the land register – when transferring ownership or when burdening real estate by the right of third person, it is necessary to attach the contract to the land register, together with the proposal for entry.

Real estate management – for both domestic and foreign clients, we provide everything You need, i.e. a properly concluded contractual relations and compliance with them, registration and collection of payments, insurance, maintenance and repairs, accounting.

Representation in dispute – we provide legal representation and advice in legal proceedings. It is not always possible to speak reasonably with the other party, and there are cases where the other person does not want to communicate; then it is better to leave the matter to lawyers and remain at ease.

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