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Sale of a company

Do You want to sell the whole company or its part ?
Are You looking for a strategic investor ?
Are You negotiating with someone about the sale
and You need the advice and to review the
procedure ?

This procedure is necessary because not every sale of a company requires the publication, and sometimes the information that the company is for sale can substantially reduce its price (typically in the case of scarce products or services of a personal nature, when there are only a few companies on the market, and the publication of the information that any of them is for sale or looks for an investor can cause outflow of customers in favor of competition).

The further procedure is very individual, and depends on a seller's desire. By default, we always start with the cooperation contract and determination of the sales price. After that follows implementation of the sales strategy, contacting potential buyers or investors.

When selling a company, we carry out the company audit in order to process information regarding the company being sold, including the following activities:

Analysis of assets, liabilities and receivables of the company (asset categorization,
screening of the asset liquidity, possibilities of use...)
Financial analysis (ratio or differential indicators)
Tax analysis (assessment of tax risks, possibility of tax reliefs…)
Legal analysis (assessment of legal relations of the company in terms of commercial law,
civil law, labour law and, where appropriate, criminal law)
HR analysis (analysis of employees structuring, solving of overemployment, drawing
up of employment documents, e.g. employment and management contracts, internal
organizational regulations…)
Software analysis (evaluation of the used information technologies)

The objective of the company audit during the sale of a company is to eliminate the risks which exist and which we prevent. The biggest stumbling blocks include low price, legal disputes, poor precision of contractual clauses. The risks can be reduced to a minimum only with a perfectly mastered sales agenda. Upon the sale of a company, we guarantee creation of security instruments which will guarantee the success of the transaction.

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